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Top places I want to travel to once covid calms down!

As we are all very aware of, traveling has been on halt for the past year and a half. I am so ready, as I’m sure you are to, to get out and start traveling again. Especially now that we will have a little one in tow, I just can’t wait to introduce him to other cultures and people. I want Ira to have a sense for the world that exists outside his own little world and to appreciate people and the way things are done in other parts of the world. 

My top 5 spots I can’t wait to get out to!

Iceland: I know this probably sounds like such an obvious place right now because for the past 10 year Iceland has been blowing up, but Hunter and I spent out honeymoon there, then went back a year and a half later to be a part of an artist residency program for a few months, and have just keep going back. We now have very dear friends there and try to go there at least once a year. We miss it terribly and want to show Ira the place where our marriage really began.

Want to stay here again! 

England: England has been a spot that keeps calling us back time and time again. We try to go every year around Christmas time for obvious reasons of course. I mean London and the Cotswolds all dressed up for the holiday season is pure magic. Walking the streets of Notting Hill with a cup of something hot in your hands is hard to describe on paper.  

This spot we visited for Dinner but have been dying to stay! 

NYC: I have only been to New York City once in my life back when I was in highschool with my drill team, which of course we did all the touristy things and I have been dreaming of going back in the Fall ever since. I mean come on, You’ve Got Mail is literally playing in our house at least once a week so I think it’s only fitting that we go! 

Okay this spot looks like a freaking dream to stay at in the Fall…or any time really!

Italy: Oh Italia! Maybe my all time favorite place in the world. The aperol spritz, the pasta, the vino, the views, the people and culture, the list really does go on and on and on! I dream of going back to the Amalfi Coast and Capri and just watching Ira crawl around in the sand while we sip on rose(in moderation of course, we do have a child now), and watch the sailboats pass on by. Ahh, I can see it now!

Favorite hotel of all time that I have ever stayed at. Straight from heaven. 

Mexico: Playing with the idea of driving? Maybe its a bad idea but it sure is tempting being so close. I’ve been wanting to visit Mexico City, Oaxaca and the Valle de Guadalupe for some time now. Hunter speaks spanish and we have family down in Honduras and truly have a love for the culture and of course the food and drink.

This spot and this spot are to die for! Need to go to Mexico wine country ASAP!

Where are you dying to go to these days? 



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