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Patio Must Haves

I don’t mess around when it comes to outdoor living and wanting pieces that are as comfy and functional as indoor furniture. Having lived in both a cold place (8,000 ft high in Colorado), to now being at sea level in Santa Barbara I know a thing or two about good versatile pieces. Here are some of my favorites as well as pieces I want to add to my collection!

  1. Best Couch Ever

We have had this couch for a few years now and still love it! A lot of people ask how we keep it whie and the trick is truly Sunbrella fabric! We have put all of the covers in the wash and if a stain gets on it we can usually just spot treat it. This thing has been with us in Colorado and I’m currently sitting on it as I write this. 

  1. Sligh Chair or look alike

Love a good sling chair. We love these because they didn’t cost very much, but they look nice and we just keep them out and the open uncovered and don’t worry about them getting ruined since they were not pricy. 

  1. Outdoor dining table: (You have more options than you think): So, this is the fun part. We got our outdoor dining table at Round Top(antiques fair in Texas) and it was meant for inside. We coated it with a this polyurethane for outdoor furniture and bought a cover on amazon to put on it in the winter in Colorado and it’s kept up great. All of that to say, don’t limit yourself to having to have an “outdoor” table. 
  2. Outdoor Wicker Dining Chairs: Ours are whicker and we got them on sale from thompson and hanson (a favorite garden store of mine in Texas) but these are super cute as well and have a bit more of a clean look.
  3. Swivel Chair: (Comfort is key): These aren’t cheap but they are comfy and look great with our couch as a whole set. If you aren’t sure what to spend the most money on, It’s chairs and a cozy couch!
  4. Outdoor Rug: We actually have this rug inside as a runner going down our stairs and absolutely love it. I love that it can double as an outdoor rug as well though! 
  5. Fire Pit : (No matter where you live!): I love this fire pit because it has a topper on it so if you are finished hanging out outside but there is still some embers in it, you can just put the top right on and it smothers the whole thing out. I also love that it has the mesh dome so that big sparks can’t get out. 

Charcoal Grill: We use this grill all the time…especially in the summer and we love it!



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