Morocco will always hold a really special place in our lives. Hunter studied abroad there one summer and so getting to visit years later and meet some of the incredible people he met while made it feel like home. 

It is a place filled with so much culture and beauty! The people are some of the most hospitible, the mint tea is the best, the tagine is overflowing and the textiles have become known worldwide! 

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Kasbah Bab Ourika - This is an incredible resort in the Ourika Valley at the base of the Atlas Mountains. It is located about a 45 min to an hour drive from Marrakech and everything was on point. 

 Riad Mena and Beyond - This Riad was located in a quieter neighborhood just a short walk to where all the action in the city was!  

Where are the words to describe how amazing and full of culture this place is? We can’t believe all of the beauty and richness of culture that was around us. Everyone is incredibly hospitable! Marrakech is a city full of incredible textiles and goods as well as doors that will lead you into the biggest selection of rugs that you've ever seen. It was so easy to just pass certain restaurants or stores up because the doors were so little and easy to miss.
Marrakech is a place that we hope to go back to year after year. Walking around town was one of our favorite things to do. Just be okay with getting lost and you will be fine. Eventually you will find your way back. Marrakech is a place where you can walk around with no agenda and end up coming home with a whole house full of goods... It's a beautiful thing! 

Riad Mena and Beyond - This Riad was located in a quieter neighborhood just a short walk to where all the action in the city was! 

Le Riad Berbere (unfortintely its now closed) - This small riad was very quaint, simple, and quiet. It was a perfect place to lay our heads for our last night in Marrakech.

"A visit to Marrakesh was a great shock to me...This city taught me color. Before Marrakesh everything was black." - YSL

Nomad Cafe - This was a place that we just couldn't stop coming back to. It is definitely touristy but we clearly didn’t mind...truth is, it was pretty obvious that we were tourists so why try to pretend? ha

La Famille - La Famille was such a dream. Both the food and atmosphere were wonderful. 

Le Jardin - This fun spot made us feel like we had just stepped into a jungle. There were plants everywhere and everything was green. 


Walk around the Medina and get completely lost in all of the endless shops. 

Don't forget to drink as much moroccan mint tea as you possibly can! 

If at all possible don't go in the Summer. It gets incredibly hot here which makes for not such a great time.



We made our way to Tangier after having been in Iceland for a few months. Hunter studied abroad in Morocco back in college and Sarah had never been before but had always wanted to go so we thought why not now?
There is so much culture everywhere you look. It is on the coast of Morocco and Spain is just a short 45 minute ferry ride away. We love Morocco, the culture is rich, the people are incredibly hospitable and the food is something else. 

Le Salon Bleu - This quaint little place was set in the Kasbah of Tangier. We went there every day just to enjoy their mint tea and incredible views from atop their terrace. As soon as we stepped into this little white and blue gem we felt so welcomed and at ease.

Cafe A L’ Anglaise - This small little place is in the Kasbah and serves up some really delicious food. It is owned by the sweetest woman who has her two daughters helping her. They were all so sweet and welcoming. 



La Tangerina Hotel - We didn’t stay here during our trip but we would highly recommend it! We decided to spend our last day here relaxing and going to the Hamam. It was a little more of a touristy Hammam but it was amazing. As long as you are okay with someone scrubbing all your dead skin off of you then you should definitely do this! It was so worth it.

It is a two minute walk from Salon Bleu in the Kasbah so it's fun to check out both of these places in the same day.