I had heard so many amazing things about Jackon Hole over the years, I just can't believe it took me this long to finally see it with my own two eyes! 

I kept saying how much it felt like we were in another country, it was truly hard to believe that we were still in the U.S. And the town of Jackson!? Such a gem. 

Now that I've been there once, I want to experience this wonderful spot every season. Hopefully, it won’t take too much time to return!

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Jackson Hole, WY


Jackson Hole



Caldera House - Located in Teton Village where all the skiing happens. This spot was truly beautiful. The rooms were divine and it is also close to one of the entrances for Grand Teton National Park.

Snake River Sporting Club - The SRSP is a little bit outside of town but totally worth the drive. From Caldera House, it was about 45 minutes but honestly it’s so beautiful that you almost don’t even notice. We loved getting to stay outside of town for a few nights!

Glorietta - This was one of my top favorite restaurants in Jackson. I felt like I could of been in a big city like Austin or Denver with the quality of the food and aesthetic!

Old Yellowstone Garage - This restaurant is inside of Caldera House and they serve delicious Italian food. We loved the decor in here as well as it had a very 70’s luxury vibe.

Persephone Bakery - This bakery was perfection. Just go there.

The Phoenix and the Dragon - Love this little spot that serves up delicious thai dishes.

Healthy Being Cafe - The perfect lunch spot with healthy smoothies and bites to eat for breakfast/lunch.

Bin 22 - We loved this little wine shop/tapas bar. You pick out your own wine and then take it with you to go eat. It was such a great find.

The food scene in Jackson will rival that of any big city. 



Hike, hike hike!

We loved driving around the National Park and seeing the insanely beautiful Tetons. We also went on a few hikes that Aspen could join us on outside of the park…and we saw a baby grizzly so that we amazing!